Rezension: to reach you, I dream – um dich zu erreichen, träume ich

Dieser Titel des kleinen Buches der indischen Malerin Jyotika Sehgal, das 2018 im internationalen Verlag Lecti Book Studio erschienen ist, ist zugleich der von Sehgal ihrem dritten Bild gegebene Titel.


Phoenix’ Room

by Renata Nalysnyk
Sometimes it happens that the most successful projects begin with a great love. This one is exactly like that. This story is about a great dream, friendship, love, creativity, music, culture and art.


Cultural differences as a challenge

by Lika Vatsindze
When you think of culture and how you can adapt to the culture of a foreign country, it is easy to formulate nice theories and talk a lot about them. But when it becomes reality…


How I want my life to be

Interview with Jason Gastaldo by Anton Gerasymenko. In the middle of May 2017 Anton visited Bucharest and stayed in a hostel named Podstel, interviewing the founder, who has a huge experience in travelling and volunteering.


Volunteer Haiku

by Sandro Zhvania
As a volunteer
I learn so many new things.
Too soon I must leave…


Journey with a purpose

Angel Igov is an award-winning Bulgarian writer with an impressive literary biography. In May 2014 he will present his writing and books in Finland during the Black Sea Days, organised by Lecti Centre and The Christine and Göran Schildt Foundation. Lecti Magazine interviewed Angel before the trip. Who are you? …


Mountains, music and… Bulgaria

Descent of the Lyre is Will Buckingham’s novel about music in Paris, Orpheus and last but not least, Bulgaria. In April 2014 Will is re-visiting Bulgaria. His novel will appear in Bulgarian (publisher Enthusiast) and there will be launch events in Sofia and Varna. Will is going to be quite …