Finland firar 100 år – men hur gammalt är landet?

Då Finland blivit en ung, självständig nation frågade någon varför man skulle läsa historia i skolan. Svaret löd: ”Självklart, hur skall barn annars lära sig vem de skall hata?” Nationen behövde medborgare som var färdiga att bekämpa alla eventuella externa och interna fiender, på samma sätt som andra starkt nationalistiska stater.
Därför blev det viktigt att skriva om historien.


A Bulgarian Finnish Prime Minister

Professor Venelin Tsachevsky has published a book about Casimir Ehrnrooth in Bulgarian, English and now also in Finnish. Who was this very interesting person from Finland – Russian general, Bulgarian Prime Minister and much more? Lecti Magazine asked Professor Tsachevsky. Tell us something about you I was born in 1948. …


A Trip to the Unknown

Review by Sabira Stahlberg A mysterious and elusive girl, a curious and obstinate young man and a juicy love story are usually elements enough for a successful novel. The author of “Hawa-la”, Renat Bekkin, is not satisfied with the classical ingredients. He adds exotic spices to the story, starting with …


Views on Bulgarian Historiography – Part I

In the heat of one of Greece’s recent crises, a Greek minister admonished his people to accept some drastic austerity measures. Or else, he argued, the Greeks would be reduced to the living standards of the Bulgarians. I have no idea of whether this went home with the Greeks, but …


Views on Bulgarian Historiography – Part II

Bulgaria cultivates a special form of amnesia. Recent history is not taught at school and there is no museum treating communist misrule. Unlike many other post-communist states there has been no historical commission to deal with the crimes during World War II and during the Soviet era. There is not …