Rezension: to reach you, I dream – um dich zu erreichen, träume ich

Dieser Titel des kleinen Buches der indischen Malerin Jyotika Sehgal, das 2018 im internationalen Verlag Lecti Book Studio erschienen ist, ist zugleich der von Sehgal ihrem dritten Bild gegebene Titel.


A journey from poetry to painting

National Award winner and painter Jyotika Sehgal was inspired by the Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib (1797–1869) to present the lingual to visual translation process. While writing and creating works in the translucent medium of Egg-Tempera from his Ghazals, she imagined him as herself, a painter, and saw herself coming closer to become a poet.


Phoenix’ Room

by Renata Nalysnyk
Sometimes it happens that the most successful projects begin with a great love. This one is exactly like that. This story is about a great dream, friendship, love, creativity, music, culture and art.


Volunteer Haiku

by Sandro Zhvania
As a volunteer
I learn so many new things.
Too soon I must leave…


Poetry Makes You Pay Attention

Canadian poet Stephanie Yorke is a Writer Resident at Lecti during April 2015. After she gave talks at a book store and in the library, we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Stephanie is the author of the poetry book Both Boys Climb Trees They Can’t Climb …


Longing for the North

by Angel Igov I cannot remember when, in my childhood, I first heard of London, Paris, or New York. I have not preserved the memory how the names of those iconic cities entered my mind. (The names, I say, for even before you learn anything about a given city, the …