Finland firar 100 år – men hur gammalt är landet?

Då Finland blivit en ung, självständig nation frågade någon varför man skulle läsa historia i skolan. Svaret löd: ”Självklart, hur skall barn annars lära sig vem de skall hata?” Nationen behövde medborgare som var färdiga att bekämpa alla eventuella externa och interna fiender, på samma sätt som andra starkt nationalistiska stater.
Därför blev det viktigt att skriva om historien.

Book Fair

Experiences at the Helsinki Book Fair 2016

As a group of five students from Bielefeld University, we have been to the book fair in Helsinki to work at Lecti Book Studio’s stand. In the following “chain interview” we are talking about our experiences by interviewing each other. Participants: Florian, Janine, Katrin, Jana and Tatjana.


A Bulgarian Finnish Prime Minister

Professor Venelin Tsachevsky has published a book about Casimir Ehrnrooth in Bulgarian, English and now also in Finnish. Who was this very interesting person from Finland – Russian general, Bulgarian Prime Minister and much more? Lecti Magazine asked Professor Tsachevsky. Tell us something about you I was born in 1948. …


Multicultural is richness

Finland’s most multilingual author Sabira Ståhlberg writes in at least five languages in original, and publishes books about a wide range of topics from children’s books with Greek mythology to academic works on ethnobiology, not to mention novels and poetry. Between travels, seminars and lectures Lecti Magazine succeeded in catching …


Lots of things in the forest

Ursula Vuorenlinna has written by now five books about animals in the forest. The animals are not the usual furry bears or rabbits, but the small inhabitants a forest visitor usually neglects or runs away from, insects – ants, butterflies and grasshoppers. In her books they are just like people …


Black Sea Sailing

Review by Arin Murin Journey to Colchis. Trilingual (Swedish, Finnish, English) history about the Black Sea and Göran Schildt’s Black Sea trip in 1963 by Sabira Ståhlberg. Lecti Book Studio, Varna 2014. Read about the book at Lecti Book Studio website here. Buy the book at Lecti Bookshop. Sailing into …


Longing for the North

by Angel Igov I cannot remember when, in my childhood, I first heard of London, Paris, or New York. I have not preserved the memory how the names of those iconic cities entered my mind. (The names, I say, for even before you learn anything about a given city, the …


Folk music fills my soul

Translator and linguist Christoffer von Bonsdorff is at home in Finland and Bulgaria. He plays Balkan music and will participate in the Black Sea Days in Helsinki in May 2014. On 23 May at 18:00 / 6 pm Lecti Centre Varna and Eira Wines in cooperation with Villa Schildt arrange …