Travel with little money

by Ági Pabar and Norbert Tóth
No money? (Broke) But you want to travel? No problem! Here is our story about how we spent three days travelling, spending less than 30 Euro.


Cultural differences as a challenge

by Lika Vatsindze
When you think of culture and how you can adapt to the culture of a foreign country, it is easy to formulate nice theories and talk a lot about them. But when it becomes reality…


How I want my life to be

Interview with Jason Gastaldo by Anton Gerasymenko. In the middle of May 2017 Anton visited Bucharest and stayed in a hostel named Podstel, interviewing the founder, who has a huge experience in travelling and volunteering.

Creative Writing

An unusual Christmas

by Eleonora Pannacci
Once upon a time there were a parrot, a Belzebù monkey, a paceman frog and a pug. They came from different countries.


Suomalaisia jalanjälkiä Bulgariassa

Viime vuosina filosofian tohtori Sabira Ståhlberg on julkaissut useita Bulgaria-aiheisia kirjoja, mm. Suomen Kaartista (Suomen Kaarti Balkanilla 2015), Mustastamerestä (Matka Kolkhiiseen ja Koiran elämää Mustallamerellä 2014) ja Bulgarian ruokaperinteistä (Orfeuksen maassa 2015).

Tänä vuonna hän on toimittanut kenraali Ramsayn ja perheen kirjeet sotavuosilta 1877–1878, jotka hän on julkaissut yli kolmensadan sivuisessa kirjassa Från Munksnäs till Konstantinopel.

Food & Wine

Travels, food and wines

Interview with Arin Murin Arin Murin is a cook, traveller, wine expert and as he says himself: a passionate lover of anything you can eat and any good vintage of bottled grapes. If you are looking for Arin, you must visit the nearest restaurant or walk out into the vineyards, …


Black Sea Sailing

Review by Arin Murin Journey to Colchis. Trilingual (Swedish, Finnish, English) history about the Black Sea and Göran Schildt’s Black Sea trip in 1963 by Sabira Ståhlberg. Lecti Book Studio, Varna 2014. Read about the book at Lecti Book Studio website here. Buy the book at Lecti Bookshop. Sailing into …


A Trip to the Unknown

Review by Sabira Stahlberg A mysterious and elusive girl, a curious and obstinate young man and a juicy love story are usually elements enough for a successful novel. The author of “Hawa-la”, Renat Bekkin, is not satisfied with the classical ingredients. He adds exotic spices to the story, starting with …