Rezension: to reach you, I dream – um dich zu erreichen, träume ich

Dieser Titel des kleinen Buches der indischen Malerin Jyotika Sehgal, das 2018 im internationalen Verlag Lecti Book Studio erschienen ist, ist zugleich der von Sehgal ihrem dritten Bild gegebene Titel.


Three Forest Reviews

by Fanny Mäkelä The Story about Butterfly Buddy The blinding light of the sun welcomes Buddy the caterpillar to the world. The second thing that welcomes him is hunger. At once Buddy and his nine siblings start eating the delicious leaves of the nettle, their place of birth. Suddenly a …


Funny Dog Weather

Review by Ed Lear Dog Weather on the Black Sea by Sabira Ståhlberg. Lecti Book Studio, Varna 2014. Read about the book at Lecti Book Studio website and about chasing Mopsus in Lecti Magazine here. Buy the book at Lecti Bookshop. The book “Dog Weather on the Black Sea” tells …


A Trip to the Unknown

Review by Sabira Stahlberg A mysterious and elusive girl, a curious and obstinate young man and a juicy love story are usually elements enough for a successful novel. The author of “Hawa-la”, Renat Bekkin, is not satisfied with the classical ingredients. He adds exotic spices to the story, starting with …