Rezension: to reach you, I dream – um dich zu erreichen, träume ich

Dieser Titel des kleinen Buches der indischen Malerin Jyotika Sehgal, das 2018 im internationalen Verlag Lecti Book Studio erschienen ist, ist zugleich der von Sehgal ihrem dritten Bild gegebene Titel.


A journey from poetry to painting

National Award winner and painter Jyotika Sehgal was inspired by the Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib (1797–1869) to present the lingual to visual translation process. While writing and creating works in the translucent medium of Egg-Tempera from his Ghazals, she imagined him as herself, a painter, and saw herself coming closer to become a poet.


Phoenix’ Room

by Renata Nalysnyk
Sometimes it happens that the most successful projects begin with a great love. This one is exactly like that. This story is about a great dream, friendship, love, creativity, music, culture and art.

Book Fair

Experiences at the Helsinki Book Fair 2016

As a group of five students from Bielefeld University, we have been to the book fair in Helsinki to work at Lecti Book Studio’s stand. In the following “chain interview” we are talking about our experiences by interviewing each other. Participants: Florian, Janine, Katrin, Jana and Tatjana.


Suomalaisia jalanjälkiä Bulgariassa

Viime vuosina filosofian tohtori Sabira Ståhlberg on julkaissut useita Bulgaria-aiheisia kirjoja, mm. Suomen Kaartista (Suomen Kaarti Balkanilla 2015), Mustastamerestä (Matka Kolkhiiseen ja Koiran elämää Mustallamerellä 2014) ja Bulgarian ruokaperinteistä (Orfeuksen maassa 2015).

Tänä vuonna hän on toimittanut kenraali Ramsayn ja perheen kirjeet sotavuosilta 1877–1878, jotka hän on julkaissut yli kolmensadan sivuisessa kirjassa Från Munksnäs till Konstantinopel.


A Bulgarian Finnish Prime Minister

Professor Venelin Tsachevsky has published a book about Casimir Ehrnrooth in Bulgarian, English and now also in Finnish. Who was this very interesting person from Finland – Russian general, Bulgarian Prime Minister and much more? Lecti Magazine asked Professor Tsachevsky. Tell us something about you I was born in 1948. …


The Big Cudgel

The “Big Cudgel Story” is in Turkish and comes from the region of Omurtag in northeast Bulgaria. For several years, the author Hasan Yakub Hasan has collected stories in this area.

Creative Writing


by Frej Wasastjerna

Nocturne appeared first, in electronic form, on the author’s website and in the collection Mixed Nuggets / Expanded Edition (2015). A Swedish translation has been published in the journal Manus, issued by Nylands litteraturförening.