A journey from poetry to painting

National Award winner and painter Jyotika Sehgal was inspired by the Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib (1797–1869) to present the lingual to visual translation process. While writing and creating works in the translucent medium of Egg-Tempera from his Ghazals, she imagined him as herself, a painter, and saw herself coming closer to become a poet.

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Finland firar 100 år – men hur gammalt är landet?

Då Finland blivit en ung, självständig nation frågade någon varför man skulle läsa historia i skolan. Svaret löd: ”Självklart, hur skall barn annars lära sig vem de skall hata?” Nationen behövde medborgare som var färdiga att bekämpa alla eventuella externa och interna fiender, på samma sätt som andra starkt nationalistiska stater.
Därför blev det viktigt att skriva om historien.

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Phoenix’ Room

by Renata Nalysnyk
Sometimes it happens that the most successful projects begin with a great love. This one is exactly like that. This story is about a great dream, friendship, love, creativity, music, culture and art.

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Travel with little money

by Ági Pabar and Norbert Tóth
No money? (Broke) But you want to travel? No problem! Here is our story about how we spent three days travelling, spending less than 30 Euro.

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Cultural differences as a challenge

by Lika Vatsindze
When you think of culture and how you can adapt to the culture of a foreign country, it is easy to formulate nice theories and talk a lot about them. But when it becomes reality…

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How I want my life to be

Interview with Jason Gastaldo by Anton Gerasymenko. In the middle of May 2017 Anton visited Bucharest and stayed in a hostel named Podstel, interviewing the founder, who has a huge experience in travelling and volunteering.

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Volunteer Haiku

by Sandro Zhvania
As a volunteer
I learn so many new things.
Too soon I must leave…

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Creative Writing

Volunteering is a choice

by Marsilda Xhaferi
“Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the World”…

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